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Newsletter August 2011

DKT Serves 22 million Couples

A print advertisement for DKT-Indonesia's Andalan IUDs.

A print advertisement for DKT-Indonesia’s Andalan IUDs.

Today, DKT serves six percent of all modern contraceptive users in the developing world, excluding China, and its 22 million couple years of protection (CYPs) in 2010 increased 8 percent from the previous year. This makes DKT the largest private provider of family planning products and services of any NGO. In the Philippines and Ethiopia, DKT provides about 50 percent of all modern contraceptive methods. And in Indonesia, the largest Muslim nation in the world, DKT serves 16 percent of all users. DKT is now expanding into new countries – Uruguay, Chile, Ghana, and Thailand – to provide more women and men with safe, affordable, and effective contraceptives.


DKT Uses Social Media to Promote Condoms in Turkey

DKT-Turkey's Facebook advertising for Fiesta condoms.

DKT-Turkey’s Facebook advertising for Fiesta condoms.

Chris Purdy, DKT’s Executive Vice President, recently published an article in Reproductive Health Matters (2011) about how DKT is using the Internet and social media to promote condom use in Turkey. Purdy, who until recently was Country Director of DKT-Turkey, used a new Web site, Facebook, Google Adwords, an e-newsletter, viral marketing, banner advertisements, and advertisements on a Turkish gay and lesbian rights organization Web site to promote DKT’s own brand of Fiesta condoms. In the first 18 months of Fiesta’s ad campaign among sexually active young people, sales reached 4.3 million condoms.  Eight percent of them were sold online. To learn more about how DKT uses the latest social media, read Purdy’s article.


DKT Attends the “Access for All” Conference

DKT-Ethiopia and DKT-DRC recently attended the "Access for All" conference.

DKT-Ethiopia and DKT-DRC recently attended the “Access for All” conference.

DKT is an active participant in the Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition (RHSC), a global partnership of NGOs, private, and governmental organizations dedicated to ensuring that all people in developing countries have access to safe and affordable contraceptives. In late June, more than 350 participants from 56 countries gathered in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia for the RHSC’s 10th anniversary conference on “Access for All.” This two-day conference focused on reproductive health commodity security and the challenges to overcoming supply obstacles and developing effective commodity supply chains. DKT-Ethiopia and DKT-Democratic Republic of Congo participated in the sessions.  The RHSC conference culminated in a “Call to Action” that establishes priorities for achieving reproductive health commodity security in the coming decade.

DKT Promotes IUDs and Medical Abortion in India

A community meeting sponsored by DKT in India.

A community meeting sponsored by DKT in India.

Two years ago, DKT-India launched Project Kare to promote the increased usage of IUDs and medical abortion in five Indian states – Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, and West Bengal. Despite their huge populations, IUD usage in these states is among the lowest in the country, and medical abortion is new to India.  Thanks to an energetic training and publicity campaign, Project Kare is meeting its goals. From January to June, Project Kare sold 27,500 IUDs and over 200,000 units of mifepristone and misoprostol. To help promote IUDs and medical abortion, DKT organized 237 community meetings that attracted almost 5,000 people.  Conducted with the help of local women’s groups, youth associations, and NGOs, they featured frank discussions and helpful information about the benefits of modern family planning methods. To view DKT India’s pioneering television advertisements for medical abortion, visit

DKT Rehabilitates Family Planning Centers in Sudan

DKT's rehabilitated family planning centers in Sudan are attracting many new consumers.

DKT’s rehabilitated family planning centers in Sudan are attracting many new consumers.

DKT-Sudan has found that rehabilitating family planning centers can be an important tool in promoting reproductive health. Sudanese women have avoided family planning centers in hospitals partly because they are not clean and inviting places. But renovated health centers are attracting more and more women for counseling and family planning services from doctors and nurses trained by DKT in such techniques as IUD insertion and removal. In the last six months, DKT has rehabilitated 52 family planning clinics in Sudan’s major urban hospitals.  DKT provides up to 30 percent of the total rehabilitation costs, which ensures that only those hospitals that are serious about providing family planning services receive support.