Social marketing for a better world

Francophone West and Central Africa

The countries that make up French-speaking West and Central Africa have some of the  lowest contraceptive prevalence rates in the world, with the rate of modern contraceptive use at 11%. For every woman using contraception in the region, there are two women with an unmet need for contraception.

Coumba - first Kiss sale - Apr 2016

Senegal Sales Supervisor Coumba (right) makes the first sale in Francophone West and Central Africa to a Dakar pharmacist.

Individually, these small nations face significant barriers to family planning and reproductive health. Most healthcare providers are unwilling to invest in countries with small populations and limited disposable income.

To address these needs, DKT has established a regional social marketing program across 12 French-speaking countries to provide a full range of affordable family planning options using dynamic and entrepreneurial approaches. In April 2016, DKT launched Kiss condoms in the region, and will soon be adding IUDs, manual vacuum aspiration kits and cannulae, emergency contraception, oral contraceptive pills, injectables, and misoprostol and mifepristone.

DKT’s work in the region is headquartered across three countries: Senegal, Cameroon and Côte d’Ivoire.

DKT will leverage commonalities across these countries to achieve economies of scale in procurement and marketing.  At the same time, DKT’s structure and approach will allow messaging, community mobilization and external relations to be tailored to the needs of each national environment.

DKT believes that poor healthcare provider confidence in inserting and removing long-acting reversible contraception (IUDs and implants) is the major contributor to the very low use of these methods in the region. Therefore, DKT will increase health provider confidence by providing training and education to these providers.

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