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942,040 CYPs in 2015

DKT Vietnam began as a pilot project in 1993 and today operates in all 63 provinces and cities. The program has two components:

– A social marketing campaign that focuses on making subsidized condoms, oral contraceptives pills, and other modern contraceptive methods available to the general population through its nation-wide distribution network.
– Targeted interventions that focus on at-risk populations that are vulnerable to HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases.

    DKT Vietnam’s OK and Super Trust condoms and NewChoice oral contraceptives are currently available from over 11,000 outlets, including 9,000 pharmacies. A field sales force of 55 individuals handles these outlets through a local private sector distributor.

    DKT-Vietnam also has created a unique public-private distribution network by partnering with HIV/AIDS authorities in the provinces who act as a bridge between DKT and over 2,000 nontraditional outlets, such as bars, karaoke clubs, night clubs, and hotels. Many of them are located in provinces where unsafe sex practices are the norm.

    DKT Vietnam’s involvement in HIV/AIDS prevention began in 1998. DKT established new distribution programs to target vulnerable populations of young males and intravenous drug users. Currently, DKT implements the needles social marketing project funded by AusAID through its HIV/AIDS Asia Regional Program (HAARP) to provide needles and syringes to injecting drug users and condoms to sex workers along the Vietnam-Cambodia border.

    In 2015, DKT Vietnam sold over 3.5 million condoms and over 5.2 million oral contraceptives. This translates into 942,040 CYPs.

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