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2,735,235 CYPs in 2015

DKT Philippines began its social marketing campaign in 1991 with the introduction of TRUST Condoms. Since then, TRUST has become the leading condom in the market, with over 100 million condoms sold. It retails at just 5 pesos per condom (about $0.10), making  is affordable for most of the population. DKT’s contraceptive sales provide a bridge from government-provided contraceptives to the commercialization of the contraceptive market in a country where the Catholic Church and other organizations oppose modern methods of contraception. In 1997, DKT introduced TRUST Pill, a low-estrogen oral contraceptive. DKT Philippines has since introduced other contraceptives to meet the needs of low-income communities.

    DKT Philippines also focuses on HIV/AIDS prevention, and has launched a variety of educational campaigns, including street theater productions, and a campaign promoting condom use in brothels and hotels.

    DKT Philippines was originally heavily subsidized; before 2002, revenue from products was less than the replacement cost of the contraceptives. Today, the program is nearly sustainable.

    In 2015, DKT’s program sold over 30 million condoms, over 26 million oral contraceptives,  743,541 million injectable contraceptives, and 74,528 IUDs. This translates into 2,735,235 CYPs.

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