Social marketing for a better world


214,021 CYPs in 2015

Access to high-quality and affordable family planning products, services, and information is very limited in Mozambique, with only 11% of married women using some form of modern contraception. Therefore, in 2009 DKT established a social marketing program with the mission of making high quality, affordable contraceptives available across Mozambique. DKT Mozambique currently offers a wide method mix of contraceptive options including condoms, oral contraceptives, IUDs, implants, EC, and misoprostol. DKT Mozambique currently has two condom brands, Prudence and Fiesta, as well as the Intimo brand which encompasses both contraceptive products and the reproductive health services which constitute DKT Mozambique’s social franchising efforts. DKT’s brands are popular across Mozambique; Prudence has the second highest brand equity in the country.

    DKT Mozambique organizes an active network of community mobilizers (“Ativistas”), who go door to door in rural areas to provide information on family planning. These ativistas have been responsible for a large part of DKT Mozambique’s success in recent years at reaching women from remote areas.

    DKT Mozambique operates a robust social franchising network of healthcare providers, Intimo, which launched in 2011 and has since expanded to 10 clinics in the Maputo and Sofala provinces. DKT regularly trains providers on reproductive health services such as IUD and implant insertion and removal.

    In 2015, DKT Mozambique provided 6.3 million condoms, 117,000 oral contraceptive cycles, 50,000 injectable contraceptives and more, generating 207,353 CYPs.

    For more information, please contact our country director. You can find their information here