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7,731,002 CYPs in 2015

DKT Indonesia became an independent non-governmental social marketing organization in 1996. Since that time, the program has expanded dramatically, and in 2015, DKT Indonesia served nearly 7.731 million couples throughout the Indonesian archipelago, with a cumulative that reaches more than 68 million CYP, making it one of the largest family planning programs in the world. DKT’s research analysis of the Indonesian condom market reveals the early distribution patterns of DKT Indonesia that contribute to this accomplishment.

In 2001, DKT Indonesia started the social franchising program Andalan, which provides midwives with high-quality, affordable contraceptives. DKT Indonesia has trained over 50,000 midwives in implant and IUD insertion and removal, and has helped 10,000 midwife clinics.

In 2015, DKT Indonesia generated 7,731,002 CYPs.

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