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3,594,895 CYPs in 2015

Since DKT started operations in 1990, Ethiopia has made remarkable progress towards improving access to and use of contraceptives. The contraceptive prevalence rate for married women increased dramatically from 3% in 1990 to 40% in 2015.  However, much work remains to be done, as 24% of women want to use contraception but lack access. The 2012 UN AIDS Report on the Global AIDS Epidemic noted the progress Ethiopia has made in fighting HIV from 2001-2011, when new infections dropped by 90%, the largest drop of any country in Africa and the second greatest in the world. What’s more, the 2011 Ethiopia Demographic and Health Survey reported HIV prevalence at a relatively modest 1.5%. However, HIV is still a significant challenge for Ethiopia and much work remains.

New research shed light on use of PostPill, DKT's EC brand in Ethiopia

New research sheds light on use of PostPill, DKT’s emergency contraceptive brand in Ethiopia

DKT Ethiopia began operations in 1990 with the introduction of Hiwot Trust condoms. DKT now offers  2 condom brands, oral contraceptive brands, an injectable contraceptive, an emergency contraceptive, and several other reproductive health and child survival products. DKT regularly supplies over 40% of Ethiopia’s CYPs and 35% of its reproductive health commodities. In December 2013, Studies in Family Planning published an article documenting DKT’s contribution to Ethiopia’s strides in reproductive health.

DKT Ethiopia engages high school entrepreneurs through its youth program, the Young Marketers Initiative, which is a collaboration includes 150 HIV/AIDS prevention clubs of student entrepreneurs who sell condoms to their peers.  The Young Marketers clubs regularly account for a third of DKT Ethiopia’s condom sales.

In Ethiopia, DKT increases condom use through events like this parade during a holiday celebrated primarily by women. In 2010, DKT distributed more than 85 million condoms and provided around one-third of Ethiopia’s modern contraception.

DKT encourages condom use through events like this parade.

DKT Ethiopia is a leading creator of innovative programming and behavior change campaigns. DKT Ethiopia’s Wise-Up Program is one of Africa’s largest HIV prevention programs specifically targeted to sex workers.  Another DKT program, The Likke Project, promotes and distributes a wide range of contraceptives to rural couples as they visit their local market.

In 2015, DKT Ethiopia sold more than 59 million condoms, 4.0 million cycles of oral contraceptives, and over  3.7 million implants.  In addition, DKT sold over 510,00 IUDs and 340,00 medical abortion pills. This translates into 3,594,895 CYPs, making DKT Ethiopia the third largest contraceptive social marketing program in the world, and the number 1 ranked program in terms of target market reached.

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