1,302,381 CYPs in 2013

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  • Brazil is the largest and most populous country in Latin America and the fifth largest in the world both in area and population. In 2010, the Brazilian census recorded approximately 196 million people.

    In 1970, about 41 percent of Brazil’s population was below the age of 15. Today, that figure had declined to about 24 percent. In 1970, the birth rate averaged 3.7 children. Today, it is 1.6 children. Without family planning, Brazil’s population would be over 220 million today.

      When DKT Brazil began in 1991, the total male condom market in Brazil was less than 50 million annually. By 2013, the commercial market had grown to 450 million condoms with 500 million more condoms supplied by the government. The phenomenal growth of the commercial condom market was boosted by DKT’s long-term goal of providing affordable protection from unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases to low-income couples.

      By working closely with the Brazilian government, DKT was able to get local governments and the national government to lower taxes on condoms, which in turn lowered prices to the public. Read more about how DKT  lowered the cost of Brazilian condoms here. Today, the commercial condom market is growing and there are many types and varieties available.

      When DKT Brazil began, products and the operation were supported by DKT international and donors. Now, DKT Brazil is completely self-sustaining from its revenues. It still continues to provide large numbers of affordable condoms to low-income customers.

      DKT Brazil also supports local nongovernmental organizations in Brazil with condoms, financial aid, and information about HIV/AIDS prevention.

      In 2013, DKT Brazil started distributing MVA Kits as part of a new Family Planning products portfolio. Other products are in the development pipeline. In a few years, DKT Brazil will be able to provide a full range of long and short term family planning products to improve reproductive health access in the country.

      Last year, DKT-Brazil sold 123 million condoms, and provided 1,302,381 CYPs.

      For more information, please contact our country director. You can find their information here

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